Lease Plans FAQ

  • What is a lease plan?
    A lease plan is an accurate measured plan which shows the extent of leasehold demise, usually outlined red, referred to within the respective lease. It may also show communal areas and rights of way associated with the lease.
  • Why do I need a new lease plan?
    The Land Registry updated the requirements for any filed lease plans on October 13th 2003, any new leases granted for terms over 7 years or existing leases sold or assigned with 7 years to run must now be registered with a compliant lease plan. Old plans are often incorrectly scaled (due to photocopying), poorly drawn or do not have enough information for the Land Registry to locate the property.
  • What are the new lease plan requirements?
    All plans must show a location plan (1:1250 for urban and 1:2500 for rural) with sufficient detail to to be identified on the Ordnance Survey map, preferably showing roads and junctions. Internal lease plans should show where the property falls in relation to the external footprint of the building, which floor it relates to and be drawn to a suitable metric scale. The plan sheet should also have a north point and scale bar, with scale stated in the title block.
  • Why Southern Lease Plans?
    Southern Lease Plans are a leading provider of lease plans, working with individual householders, solicitors, agents, developers and housing associations. We use disto lasers and on site software for accuracy and guarantee approval from the Land Registry. Once instructed our surveyors will liase with you regarding a suitable survey time, complete the on site survey with minimum disruption and return the draft lease plan within 48hrs (24hrs is possible, please ask). The majority of our business is repeat clients, please see the testimonials for reference.
  • What does it cost?
    We aim to be competitive as possible and do not charge VAT, so this saving is passed onto the client. The cost is based on size and type of property and travel time to site. Old lease plans or architects plans can often be converted without a site visit, which allows a much cheaper quote – please ask about this service.
  • How is the plan delivered?
    We usually deliver the plans as PDFs which can be printed by the solicitor lodging the lease with the Land Registry, please note the printing instructions to ensure correct scaling of the prints. Paper copies can also be sent out if required.